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The Filtration Methods of Clo2 Generator System

Clo2 generator system is widely used in the sterilization and disinfection of urban water, hospitals, food and beverage factories, hotels and restaurants, etc. However, clo2 generator system adopts different filtration methods according to different water quality. Common filtration methods are as follows:

1.Deep filtration
Using granular filter material, such as quartz sand, anthracite, etc. Due to the existence of pores between filter particles, suspended matter in the water will be intercepted after raw water through a certain depth of the filter layer. In order to distinguish from the above three types of surface or shallow filtration process, this kind of filtration is called deep filtration. In the treatment of waste water, it is often used to filter the precipitation or clarifying tank to make the turbidity of the filtered water meet the water requirements. In wastewater treatment, filtration is often used as a pretreatment method before adsorption, ion exchange and membrane separation, as well as a deep treatment after biochemical treatment, so that the filtered water can meet the requirements of reuse.

The filter medium is grid or screen, used to remove thick suspended objects, such as weeds, rags, fiber, pulp, etc. And the typical equipment is grid, screen and micro filter.

3.Microporous filtration
To use shaped filter materials, such as filter cloth, filter sheet, sintered filter tube, honeycomb filter element, etc. It can also be precoated with a layer of filter aid (such as diatomite) on the filter medium to form a filter cake with fine pores for the removal of fine particles.

4.Membrane filtration
Special semi-permeable membrane is used as the filter medium to filter under certain driving force (such as pressure, electric field force, etc.). Because the pores of the filter membrane are very small and selective, it can remove bacteria, viruses, organic matters and soluble solutes in water. The main equipment has reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and electrodialysis, etc.
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