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Application Range of Sodium Hypochlorite System

Due to the strong oxidation property of sodium hypochlorite and the characteristics of sodium hypochlorite system, its application range is extremely wide.

1.Disinfection. As a kind of disinfectant, sodium hypochlorite is always used to sterilize and inhibit the growth of algae.
(1)Used for disinfection of drinking water, including rural drinking water and urban self-provided water.
(2)Used for the treatment of hospital sewage. The discharged waste water can meet the emission standards after being treated with sodium hypochlorite.
(3)Used for disinfection of tableware and utensils in restaurants; tea sets, towels, bath towels ect. used in hotels, baths; also apply to the sterilization of household tableware, vegetables, fruits.
(4)Used for disinfection of swimming pools.
(5)Added in the cooling water of power plant to inhibit algae growth.

2.Treatment of waste water containing cyanide in electroplating. It can make the cyanide level of discharged effluent meet the emission standards.

3.To lower BOD. Hypochlorite system can reduce BOD through the organic compounds in chlorine oxidation waste water.

4.Color and flavor removal. The color and odorivector produced in industrial effluent are oxidized by chlorine to remove chrominance and control odor.

5.Bleach. Sodium hypochlorite could be used as bleaching liquid in papermaking, printing and dyeing and textile, ect.

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