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Qingdao Milestone Mechanical Equipment co., ltd. Electrolysis Sea Water Coating Titanium Anode

High activity hypochlorite generator sea water was prepared by using natural seawater and high speed electrolysis. Sodium hypochlorite solution is delivered to the water supply as a biocidal agent through dehydrogenation storage to effectively kill microorganisms, Marine organisms, algae and bacteria in the water body and prevent blockage of circulating water pipes and condenser systems. The complete set of equipment consists of seawater booster pump, automatic cleaning filter, electrolytic seawater sodium hypochlorite generator, storage, hypochlorite generator sea water, dosing pump, pickling equipment, electrolytic power supply and automatic control system.

The core of hypochlorite generator sea water is the electrolyzer, which is usually made of titanium substrate coated with platinum, ruthenium, iridium, rhodium and other noble metal oxides as the anode, corrosion resistant special metal material as the cathode, composed of closed electrolyzer container, and electrode material is one of the core components. The biggest advantage of the mixed oxide coating titanium anode (MMO) developed and produced by Qingdao maistone mechanical equipment co., ltd. is that it can greatly improve the efficiency of chlorine production, has the characteristics of power saving and stability, and the coating is firmly combined with the matrix, with a long service life.

Product specifications: customized according to customer drawings.
Coating: ruthenium-iridium coating 
Life long: 2-3 years
Swap electrode: be allowed to
Chlorine evolution potential: less than or equal to 1.13V
Product shape: plate, bar, sheet, silk, mesh, tubular, annular, ribbon, basket, etc.

According to customer demand customize various complex shapes, meet the demand of product design design titanium electrode type considering basis: 
1. The titanium electrode to the anode in the electrolytic tank installation requirements
2. Titanium electrode process conditions, such as composition of electrolyte (liquid), temperature, current density, etc. 
3. The service life of titanium electrode of mechanical load 
4. Titanium electrode substrate material of conductive ability

it is suitable for circulating water of coastal power stations and nuclear power plants, chemical industry, petrochemical and offshore drilling platform, seawater desalination, ship ballast water treatment and other fields.

Qingdao Milestone Mechanical Equipment co., ltd. is a professional ruthenium-iridium titanium anode factory, with more than 10 years of production experience, many years of technical experience, its production of coating titanium anode long service life, stable performance, high efficiency, energy-saving, pollution-free. Welcome to consult, we are ready to provide free consultation services.
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