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Milestone Chlorination Technologies LLC. (MCT) is a growth company formed by group of experiences engineers and managers which specialized in the industry of chlorination, we provide specialized solutions and system manufacturing in the chlorination field including electro chlorination, chlorine dioxide and membrane chlorination in application of anti-fouling and drinking water supply.
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Not only chlorination systems, But chlorination solutions.
About Us
MCT is an international company based in China, specializing in Titanium electrolyzer design, also electro chlorination for water treatment process design, consultant, engineering, development and manufacturing. The refurbishment and replacement of electro chlorination cell for seawater and brine electrolysis are also parts of our specialty.
  • Power Generation Power Generation
    By electrolyzing seawater or brine could be applied in power generation industries.
  • Petrochemical Petrochemical
    Milestone Chlorination Technologies LLC provides best electro chlorination solution for petrochemical plants.
  • Offshore Platform Offshore Platform
    Well experienced engineering makes us able to provide offshore platform electro chlorination application.
  • Marine Marine
    Bio fouling control solution with safe or hazardous area electro chlorination package is one of our expertise.
  • Desalination Chlorination Desalination Chlorination
    Desalination utilize seawater electro chlorination for intake structure, and brine electro chlorination for disinfection.
  • Drinking Water Supply Drinking Water Supply
    Milestone Chlorination Technologies LLC is experienced in drinking water supply solution with chlorination technologies.
  • Swimming Pool Swimming Pool
    Salt chlorinator and special designed salt chlorine system can be applied for swimming pool application.
  • Hatchery Hatchery
    Salt based chlorination system or seawater chlorination system can be applied for hatchery industry for egg washing.
Not only chlorination systems, But chlorination solutions.