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Concentric Tubular Electrolyzer (CTE)

The CTE system is typically used for small to medium production capacities, while PPE system is typically used for larger production capacities of sodium hypochlorite.

The Advantages for Applying Concentric Tubular Electrodes (CTE) Electrolyzer as Following:

1. Self-Cleaning Technology for Continuous Operation without Acid Cleaning
2. Concentric Tube Electrolyzer (CTE) technology for offshore applications or on-shore systems where tubular cells are preferred by customer
3. Bi-polar design with seawater flow through annular region
4. High velocity turbulent flow regime for continuous operation achieving no acid cleaning.
5. Quick and easy maintenance of cell parts

Tubular Chlorine Electrolyzer Technical Design Parameter

Electrolyzer Type

Concentric Tubular Type

Parts & Fittings Material

ABS (or PVC) EPDM & Titanium

Anodes Tube Material

Titanium ASTM SB-338 2

Anodes Tube Coating

MMO, Ru & Ir or Pt. (According to seawater inlet temperature & chloride ion contents)

Cathodes Tube Material

Titanium ASTM SB-338 2

Cathodes Tube Coating


Bipolar Tube Material

Titanium ASTM SB-338 2

Bipolar Tube Coating

Half MMO, Ru & Ir or Pt. (According to seawater inlet temperature & chloride ion contents)

Seawater Inlet Flow rate

> 5 m3 / Hr

Electrolyzer Design Temperature

55 Degree Celsius

Electrolyzer Design Pressure

8 to 10 Bar

Concentric Tubular Electrodes
Typical CTE Electrolyzer with MMO Coating

Concentric Tubular Electrodes

(Typical CTE Electrolyzer with MMO Coating)

CTE cell consists principally of titanium tubes and connected by plastic joint: inner cell Ti Tube, outer cell Ti Tube or some CTE electrolyzer requires inner cell bipolar and outer cell bipolar besides mentioned above with seawater flowing through the annular space between them. By passing an electric current through the seawater, the sodium chloride contained in the seawater shall be converted to sodium hypochlorite by the electrical chemistry reaction in the chamber.
The CTE Electrolyzer can only be applied in Seawater electrochlorination systems for Land based and marine application.

Typical Application of Seawater Electrochlorination:

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