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An Easy And Convenient Way to Disinfect A Swimming Pool!

Swimming pool has been put on hold for a winter, so in the New Year before the pool open, how do we deal with the swimming pool, is there any good and convenient way to disinfect the swimming pool?

Swimming pool water disinfection is the use of disinfectant containing chlorine to carry out maintenance and treatment, then containing chlorine disinfectant respectively: liquid chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, strong chlorine essence (trichloroisocyanuric acid) and a variety of. Most of the disinfectants on the market use trichloroisocyanuric acid more, the main reason: the nature is stable, not volatile, high chlorine content, sterilization and other characteristics of high efficiency, so it is widely used in various types of swimming pool disinfection. However, trichloroisocyanuric acid disinfectant belongs to class 5.1 dangerous goods, and there are safety risks in the use, storage, transportation and other convenience, and long-term use of this disinfectant will cause harm to the dosing personnel, and at the same time, the pH value of the pool water will only decline. After the Tianjin explosion and the Guangming landslide in shenzhen in 2015, our country has re-enacted stricter laws and regulations on the management of hazardous chemicals and production safety, and will strictly enforce them, and intensify the crackdown on illegal enterprises and individuals! Therefore, in the future, enterprises and individuals that illegally produce, store, transport and use dangerous goods will face very high illegal costs. This poses a significant risk to swimming pools where we store and use hazardous chemicals without proper procedures. At the same time, the traditional way of chlorine disinfection is added, the amount of chlorine needs to be changed frequently and the water quality needs to be tested. In addition, it needs to be purchased, transported and stored frequently, which will not only increase the cost of expenditure, but also lead to time-consuming and laborious work with low efficiency.

No matter use which kinds of chlorine disinfectants with manual dosing obviously change the all the hidden danger of the dangerous goods, use of swimming pool salt water chlorinator, however, can not only avoid the safe hidden trouble that use, transport, storage, etc, and also can greatly reduce the workload, swimming pool salt water chlorinator is active, only need salt and salt is relatively cheap products, there are significant advantages in terms of price.

swimming pool salt water chlorinator can be combined with an online monitor to automatically disinfect the seawater in the swimming pool and monitor the water quality, so as to effectively control the frequency of dosing. When the residual chlorine /pH value detected by the monitor is lower than or higher than the set value, the monitor will automatically control the dosing bucket, add the drug flexibly and ensure the water quality meets the standard.
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