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What Are The Advantages of Chemical Chlorine Dioxide Generator in Sewage Treatment

Chemical chlorine dioxide generator has the characteristics of no residue, no by-product and odor removal. As a new type of oxidant and disinfectant, it has become the first choice in the field of water treatment. Its performance characteristics are as follows:

1. The automatic control system has automatic alarm and protection functions such as under-voltage, material shortage, over-temperature and water shortage (automatic shutdown)
2. The technology of negative pressure aeration and positive pressure injection can be used to produce chlorine dioxide disinfectant.
3. The metering pumps imported from Germany, Japan, the United States and Italy are used for raw material transportation, and their operations are stable and reliable.
4. The automatic control system of the equipment has powerful functions. The LED display screen can dynamically display all kinds of process parameters (temperature, pressure, liquid level, dosage, residual chlorine dioxide in effluent and inlet flow) of the equipment, and can switch between manual and automatic modes. It can accept 4-20mA standard residual chlorine dioxide and inlet flow signal, and realize on-line closed-loop control of residual chlorine dioxide and inlet flow. At the same time, the remote communication function can be realized through the communication interface.
5. The core reactor of the equipment is made of high temperature and corrosion resistant composite material, which has a long service life. The reactor is designed as a multi-stage tower structure and is heated by stages. The reaction temperature of the main reactor is as high as 70℃, which guarantees the high content of CLO2 and improves the conversion rate of raw materials.

Its control requirements are:

1. It can implement data remote transmission. It has remote communication interface and can communicate with DCS computer.
2. Under the control of electromagnetic flowmeter, the chemical chlorine dioxide generator can dose automatically in constant proportion to realize automatic and unmanned control.
3. Thecontrol system can automatically adjust the dosage according to the change of water quality, and has various safety protection facilities such as water shortage and drug-free shutdown.
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