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Hatchery Sodium Hypochlorite Manufacturing, Bid Farewell to Chlorine Disinfectant And Dust Trouble

Hatchery sodium hypochlorite manufacture, produce sodium hypochlorite disinfectant by electrolysis salt, make now use now, disinfection effect is stable. Sodium hypochlorite generator is suitable for disinfection of various water bodies, such as the disinfection of swimming pool water, drinking water and all kinds of sewage.

Hatchery sodium hypochlorite has following features:

1. Titanium anode using ruthenium, iridium, rhodium, platinum and other five precious metal coating refined, stable performance, high electrolysis efficiency, no cleaning, corrosion resistance.

2. The new plate type plate in the process of use, no cleaning and maintenance, long life, stable performance, low resistance, automatic balance, efficiency to achieve the best, reduce power consumption, salt consumption, operation cost reduction.

3. The original imported metering pump circulation system is adopted to keep the components of electrolytic solution in a state of dynamic balance to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and ensure the use effect of the equipment.

4. Heat exchange system and equipment over-temperature protection system ensure the best heat exchange effect. To avoid the equipment in the process of electrolysis, due to the temperature in heat production and make the equipment more than 60 ℃, avoids the deformation caused the decline of the UPVC material strength used equipment.

5. The use of intelligent high-frequency electrolytic power supply to make YJ series sodium hypochlorite mixing efficient disinfector work more stable, and achieve the full automation of the equipment, and can be remote computer operation or online flow meter and residual chlorine meter to achieve automatic closed cycle control.

6. All the generators are made of UPVC, titanium composite and other corrosion resistant materials, with long service life.

7. Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant field preparation, safe and reliable operation.

8. According to the needs of users, the 4-20ma signal of the flow meter and residual chlorine sensor can be received to realize closed-loop automatic control or remote computer control.
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