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The Raw Material of Sodium Hypochlorite Generation System

The raw materials used in sodium hypochlorite generation system are table salt and electricity. Table salt is commonly used as edible salt, but many customers have doubts about whether edible salt can be replaced by industrial salt. The answer is obvious -- no. Because edible salt and part of the industrial salt refers to sodium chloride, which is electrolysis by sodium hypochlorite generator , so that many people think they can be used mutually. But, still have a kind of industry salt to be called sodium nitrite. Although this is also a kind of salt, there is very big difference between the two, so the customer is better make clear what the device electrolysis is sodium chloride, not the industry salt of sodium nitrite when using.

The sodium hypochlorite solution produced by the sodium hypochlorite generation system is a strong oxidant and disinfectant. It is produced by taking industrial salt or dilute sea water solution from a wide range of inexpensive sources through non-diaphragm electrolysis. To ensure the texture of sodium hypochlorite fresh and has a high activity and the disinfection effect, the device occurs while adding sodium hypochlorite. It has the same oxidizing and disinfecting properties as chlorine and its compounds. In the working process, sodium hypochlorite generation system dissolve the salt in the box of edible salt into saturated salt water, and then dilute saturated salt water with power water to be the brine with a certain proportion in the pipe. After that, the brine will be electrolytic into sodium hypochlorite solution within the cell. The electrolysis of sodium hypochlorite solution can be used for water disinfection sterilization.

The sodium hypochlorite generation system doesn’t need other resources except edible salt, water and electricity . Therefore, this is a good choice for non-professional customers.
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