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Electrolytic Salt Water/Sea Water Electrolyzer for Chlorine Production

Salt Electrochlorination is through electrolysis of salt water or sea water, in the anode produced by the reaction of chlorine gas and water in the solution of hypochlorite, with a certain degree of disinfection and sterilization effect. 

In the process of Salt Electrochlorination, especially in the process of electrolysis of seawater into chlorine, due to the low concentration of sodium chloride, the anode reaction not only involves chlorine evolution, but also oxygen evolution. After repeated testing and application by many domestic manufacturers, titanium anodes coated with multielement noble metal oxides are increasingly used in electrolytic salt water and sea water electrolytic cells. Common anodes with ruthenium-iridium coating and part of the ingot metal oxide coating are also used for platinum-based plating, platinum-based anodes and other mixed metal oxide coating anodes. Among them, the titanium-based noble metal oxide anode is more and more used in the electrolytic salt water and seawater chlorine making industry in recent years due to its good electrocatalytic activity and relatively low price and high cost performance.

Chlorine electrolyzer of Salt Electrochlorination

Qingdao maistone mechanical equipment co., LTD. Research and development of the production of salt water chlorine electrolyzer, the core components of the device for the company's independent research and development of production and manufacturing. As the cracking state of the metal anode coating plays a decisive role in the performance of the electrode, the coating with microscopic cracking has the best performance. Therefore, Qingdao maistone mechanical equipment co., ltd. constantly improves the anodic coating process and the type of formulation solvent, so as to greatly improve the bonding strength between the coating and the substrate, and the anodic metal oxide coating has very high electrochemical activity. Special coating titanium anode for chlorine electrolysis cell.

Chloride electrolyte of Salt Electrochlorination and anode coating specification is as follows: 

1. Base material: TA1;
2. Coating ruthenium + mixed metal oxide special formula.
3. Electrolytic tub: acrylic tank, PVC trough etc. 
4. The electric solution: 2 ~ 3.0% dilute brine or water. 
5. specifications: 50g to 2000g 

We can design very used anode, can effectively alleviate the hard water quality solution scale, reduce artificial maintenance workload. Simple and reasonable design structure, easy to clean and maintain. And provide electrolytic cell repair and maintenance and anodic coating and technical support services to save enterprise costs.
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