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Classification of Electrolyser Cell

Electrolysis sodium hypochlorite generator is used to produce sodium hypochlorite solution by electrolysis of thin saline water through electrolyser cell. Among them, the structure of electrolyser cell is divided into two kinds, one is a plate and another is a tube type.

1. Integrated simple type of sodium hypochlorite disinfection equipment using vertical concentric tube structure sinking. Because it is small, considering the size of the equipment shell and capacity, this kind will be preferred. And the disinfection effect also is ok.

3.Generally, high-power sodium hypochlorite generator adopts plate type, which set several electrolytic units in one electrolytic cell. This type is simple in structure, reduces the link busbar between electrodes and saves the contact power consumption. The electrolyser cell adopts vertical titanium electrode group, whose electrode structure design can remove hydrogen in each electrolytic cell quickly and effectively. Besides, it can effectively prevent the increase of hydrogen bubbles in the process of hydrogen generation, and reduce the solution concentration fluctuation caused by the increase of hydrogen adhesion on the electrode surface and resistivity. That’s why the plate electrode structure is used.
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