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Why Do Most Water Plants Choose to Use Hatchery Sodium Hypochlorite

At present, many new water plants adopt hatchery sodium hypochlorite to disinfect tap water, and many old water plants replace other disinfection equipment with sodium hypochlorite generator when upgrading equipment. Why do so many water plants choose sodium hypochlorite generators?

Sodium hypochlorite is a strong oxidant and disinfectant, it is from a wide range of cheap industrial salt or salt water dilute solution, through the diaphragm electrolysis. To ensure the texture of sodium hypochlorite is fresh and has high activity. To ensure the disinfection effect, the hatchery sodium hypochlorite is mixing the occurrence while the occurrence of sodium hypochlorite added to use at the same time. It has the same oxidizing and disinfecting properties as chlorine and its compounds.

More importantly, the raw material of hatchery sodium hypochlorite is simple and easy to obtain, which is more attractive to people.

Although sodium hypochlorite disinfection technology has been very mature, but the use of sodium hypochlorite generator for disinfection of tap water in China is still in the promotion stage. Prior to this, most waterworks are prepared with liquid chlorine or chlorine dioxide generator site disinfection. Compared with the two, sodium hypochlorite generator has the following advantages:

1. The raw material procurement of liquid chlorine and chlorine dioxide generator is complex, and liquid chlorine and sodium chlorate and hydrochloric acid belong to dangerous chemicals, and there are risks in transportation and storage, so now many people are using sodium hypochlorite generator site preparation agent disinfection.

2. The raw materials of hatchery sodium hypochlorite are salt and electricity, the sodium hypochlorite solution is a strong oxidant, can kill all kinds of organisms and bacteria in water, at the same time, will not react with other substances in the water, treatment safety is far greater than other types of equipment.

3. Compared with liquid chlorine disinfection method, hatchery sodium hypochlorite has the disadvantage of relatively high operation cost. A part of hydrogen will be produced in the production process, which needs to be discharged safely. The sodium chlorite generator has the European CE explosion-proof certification, which can completely guarantee the safe emission of hydrogen.

At present, sodium hypochlorite disinfection method has been widely used in foreign countries. With the increasingly strict control of chemicals in China, the operating cost of other disinfection methods will also be higher and higher. It is high time to use sodium hypochlorite generator instead of other disinfection equipment.
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