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The Fault Statement of Chlorine Dioxide Generation System in Use

At present, chlorine dioxide generation system is widely used in dairy and power plant due to its high heat transfer efficiency and good adaptability. However, chlorine dioxide generation system is prone to some common faults in its use. What are those common faults and how to solve it?

1. The water temperature is too high (exceeding the set value). The temperature is displayed to exceed the set value and keep rising.
Reason: the temperature display instrument is bad.
Solution: you should cut off the power to replace the display instrument, may also be poor plug-in contact, resulting in instrument display confusion. When the water temperature is very high, but the instrument display is lower than the set value, the reason is that the temperature display instrument and the liquid level control instrument are connected to the wrong line, please replace the line head.

2. The thermostat is not heated after power on, the temperature shows between the set value, the water temperature is very low, the green light is not bright.
Reason: the hot resistance line is broken, or the hot resistance contact is corroded seriously or the contact is bad.
Solution: Please open the back cover of chlorine dioxide generation system, and use multimeter to measure whether the circuit is broken. The water temperature is very low and the temperature display is also very low, but the green light is going on, which means heating pipe is bad, or heating pipe contact circuit breaker or wiring corrosion, you should replace the heating pipe or eliminate dirt. The water temperature is very low, the temperature display is also very low and the fault light is on, that means there is a fault in the water level meter, should check whether the line between the electrode and the thermostat is broken. After using the electrode for a long time, you should clear the incrustation attached around. If the line and electrode is correct, the water level meter is bad. If the water temperature and displayed temoerature is low and the electromagnetic contactor does not suction or continuous suction, indicating that the level controller is bad or please check the contactor.

3.The equipment has no negative pressure, and the performance is that there is no bubble sound in the equipment.
Reason: power hydraulic pressure is not enough and there is no pressure difference before and after water jet , so it can not drive the water jet work
Solution: to adjust the water pressure, to reset the safety valve has been opened, or to test the leak of the pipeline by the mouth of the valve .
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