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Requirements of Hatchery Sodium Hypochlorite for Raw Materials

In recent years, hatchery sodium hypochlorite has become the preferred water disinfection treatment equipment in many places. In particular, hatchery sodium hypochlorite is clearly required to be used in rural safe drinking water projects in many areas. hatchery sodium hypochlorite as a water disinfection equipment has been verified effect, but in the domestic market has not been throughout, so many customers of sodium hypochlorite generator is still in a state of semi-understanding. In the communication with customers, many people have questions about the sodium hypochlorite generator material. The following is a detailed introduction of this problem.

The material of hatchery sodium hypochlorite is salt and electricity, salt in general use the edible salt that we commonly used, but many customers on the edible salt can use industrial salt instead of questions. The answer to this question is very obvious -- no. This is because food salt and part of the industrial salt refers to sodium chloride, sodium hypochlorite generator in the electrolysis process point solution is sodium chloride, so many people think that they can use each other. However, there is a kind of industrial salt is become sodium nitrite, this is also a kind of salt, but there is a big difference between the two, so customers in the use of the best clear electrolytic sodium chloride, rather than sodium nitrite industrial salt.

Sodium hypochlorite solution generated by hatchery sodium hypochlorite is a strong oxidant and disinfectant. It is obtained from industrial salt or dilute sea water solution with wide and cheap price through no barrier electrolysis. To ensure the texture of sodium hypochlorite is fresh and has high activity. To ensure the disinfection effect, the device will attack, while the attack of sodium hypochlorite added application. It has the same oxidizing and disinfecting effect as chlorine and chlorine compounds. Device in the working process of the sodium hypochlorite attacks dissolve salt in the box of edible salt into full of salt water, and then after pipeline will full mixture dilute salt water and power must share concentration of brine, and the cell inner electrolysis of sodium hypochlorite solution, the onset of electrolysis of sodium hypochlorite solution is able to used for water disinfection sterilization.

The hatchery sodium hypochlorite uses only edible salt and water as well as electricity for the operation of the equipment, which is very easy to solve for users who have never touched the disinfection equipment. It is not like chlorine dioxide generator as the user needs to have the relevant approval to allow the purchase of equipment used in the raw materials of hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorate; It also does not require as much capital as other types of water disinfection equipment, such as ozone and ultraviolet disinfection. So in the economy and convenience are better than similar equipment, which is why the country now vigorously promote sodium hypochlorite generator of the reason. 

The material of hatchery sodium hypochlorite only use salt, water and electricity, in addition to these sodium hypochlorite generator does not require other resources, so about non-professional customers, this is a good choice.
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