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Operation Method of Sodium Hypochlorite And Backwash

Electrolysis of sodium hypochlorite before operation, we need to connect the power supply, and then combine industrial salt dissolved sodium chloride in the device, and then open the device through filtering valve will salt water precipitation into the storage box of the sodium chloride solution, then, start from the water distribution switch, equipment automatically hook with salt water to dilute brine concentration is approximately 3.5%; Then open the valve to adjust the flow meter, and let the mixed brine flow through a set of interlayer electrolyzer composed of a group of anode and cathode tubes at the set flow rate. Finally, start the rectifier current switch, and open the cooling water valve to cool the electrolyzer at the same time, so that the equipment starts to work normally.

What is the backwash operation of the sodium hypochlorite?

After each shift of operation of sodium hypochlorite, it must be backwashed once. In backwashing, the vent valve should be opened first to drain the salt water in the pipe, then the reverse flushing vent and the inlet valve should be opened to flush for about 10 minutes, and then the vent valve should be opened to drain the water for use next time.

Pickling: it needs to be pickling when it runs up to 250 hours, according to water conditions corresponding to extend or shorten the cycle of pickling, pickling, the first open all emptying valve, the pipeline of the stockpile brine drained, and then open the into acid and acid valves, valve until the vent pipe pipe outflow organic acid water, shut down into acid valve, with acid water soak in the electrode tube dropped the acid water again after 1-2 hours, then backwash time, usually allocate concentration about 10% in dilute hydrochloric acid.

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