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Comparison of Common Disinfection Methods in Swimming Pool

1. Liquid chlorine

Advantages :100% effective, strong bactericidal effect, strong continuous effect, low investment and operation cost.
Disadvantages :(1) The toxicity of chlorine is very large, once the leakage or overdose will make people poisoned, resulting in the death of surrounding plants and animals.
(2) Dissolved chlorine reacts with organic matter discharged by human body in water to generate organic chloride, which has carcinogenic effect on human body.
(3) In the indoor swimming pool, chlorophenol odor is not easy to send out, the skin, eyes, oral mucosa and respiratory system have strong irritation.
(4) Hypochlorite generated by the reaction of chlorine gas and indoor water vapor has a strong corrosive effect on buildings.

2. Bleaching powder

In the machine room, a special bleaching powder dissolution tank should be set up. After mixing bleaching powder with water to evenly precipitate, the supernatant should be evenly poured into the tank. Bleach powder shall not be directly thrown into the pool.
Advantages: low price.
Disadvantages: labor and effort, bleach in the chlorine very easily volatile failure, disinfection effect is poor.

3. Sodium hypochlorite generator

Sodium hypochlorite generator is to produce sodium hypochlorite solution after hydrolysis of common salt. Chlorinated organics and chlorophenols are rarely produced, and the disinfection effect is the same as liquid chlorine at the appropriate concentration.
Advantages: colorless, tasteless, less investment.
Disadvantages: complicated operation, high labor intensity, vulnerable electrode, high power and salt consumption.

4. Sodium dichloroisocyanurate

Advantages: effective chlorine 60%, low concentration solution can quickly and completely kill all kinds of bacterial propagator, fungal spore, bud and virus. Disadvantages: the dosage is not easy to control, excessive skin irritation.

The above is collectively referred to as chlorination disinfection.

The characteristics of chlorination disinfection:

(1) good bactericidal effect;
(2) it has the function of continuous disinfection.


(1) odour and irritation to eyes and respiratory tract;
(2) corrosion to the structure, equipment and pipes of the pool; High level of operation management, otherwise safety accidents will occur;
(3) long-term contact with pool water will make people's hair become yellow and discolored, affecting the appearance;
(4) most seriously, it is almost universally acknowledged that the chlorine derivatives produced in the oxidation process of chlorination disinfection may be carcinogenic substances.

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