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Development And Application Of Electrochlorination Technology

At present, environmental pollution is serious. Many important water resources such as rivers, lakes and oceans have been polluted to varying degrees. Some have destroyed the natural environment in which aquatic organisms grow, and some aquatic organisms have become extinct. This phenomenon has already attracted the attention of the State Council and governments at all levels. Some heavily polluted water resources have begun to be treated, such as the River Huai Management Project and the Taihu Lake Governance Project. At the same time, the State Council clearly stipulates that any project to be launched in the future must be guaranteed to be an environmental protection project, and projects that do not consider environmental protection are prohibited from being launched. Then, in the case of industrial and mining enterprises and living and military facilities that prevent fouling of aquatic organisms in the pipeline and cooling system, what methods to be used in the breeding and growth of aquatic organisms to prevent water biofouling without polluting the environment has become an important issue. The use of an electrochlorination system is a safe and economical method of preventing water biofouling that replaces the traditional environmental pollution.

The electrochlorination system is based on the electrolysis chlorine technology. Electrolytic chlorine production technology is divided into electrolysis seawater antifouling technology, electrolyzed salt water chlorine antifouling technology.

Electrolytic seawater chlorine technology utilizes sodium chloride contained in natural seawater to electrolyze effective chlorine produced by seawater with special electrodes. Effective chlorine can stun or kill spores and larvae of marine organisms and marine organisms, thereby preventing pipelines and cooling. The purpose of attaching sea creatures to the water system. This method is used in power plants, nuclear power plants, chemical plants, and ships that use seawater as cooling water along the coast.
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