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Sterilization And Virucidal Principle Of Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Has Three Mhree Modes Of Acti

The main mode of action of hypochlorite generator sea water is to form hypochlorous acid through its hydrolysis, and hypochlorous acid is further decomposed to form new ecological oxygen [O]. The strong oxidation of new ecological oxygen makes the bacteria and the protein on the virus denatured, and the sodium hypochlorite generator kills the pathogenic microorganism. In fact, the principle of chlorine disinfection is mainly to produce hypochlorous acid, and then release the new ecological oxygen [O].

According to chemical measurements, the PPM grade hypochlorite generator sea water is almost completely hydrolyzed to hypochlorous acid in water, and the sodium hypochlorite generator is more than 99.99% efficient. The process can be simply expressed as follows by the chemical equation:
NaClO + H2O = HClO + NaOH
HClO → HCl + [O]

Secondly, hypochlorite in the process of sterilization and virus killing, sodium hypochlorite generator can not only act on the cell wall, virus shell, but can also infiltrate into the bacteria (virus) and oxidize with organic polymers such as bacteria (viral) protein, nucleic acid, and enzymes because hypochlorous acid molecules are small and carries no charge, and the hypochlorite generator sea water kills the pathogenic microorganism.
R-NH-R + HClO → R2NCl + H2O

At the same time, the chloride ions produced by hypochlorous acid can also significantly change the osmotic pressure of bacteria and virions, and the sodium hypochlorite generator causes its cells to lose activity and die.

In addition, the hypochlorite generator sea water can also decompose trace pesticides remaining on agricultural and sideline products such as vegetables and fruits. Most pesticides are composed of organic matter, and the new oxygen released by the sodium hypochlorite generator can oxidize and decompose these substances. Hypochlorite generator sea water has undoubtedly played a significant role in promoting the development of modern agriculture and fruit and vegetable packaging industry.

It is also worth noting that, because the disinfectant produced by sodium hypochlorite generator does not produce free chlorine in water like disinfectant such as chlorine gas or chlorine dioxide, it is generally difficult to form carcinogens which are harmful to human health due to the presence of free chlorine. It is not like ozone, as long as there is a very small amount of air (0.001mg/m3), it will cause damage and poison to life; moreover, it will not be like the reaction of chlorine with water will eventually form hydrochloric acid, and the sodium hypochlorite generators cause severe corrosion to metal pipes.
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