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The Role of Electrolytic Cell

Sodium hypochlorite, as a kind of disinfectant for water treatment, has been approved by waterworks. However, the product hypochlorite agent half-time is very short, so the storage of  hypochlorite agent is very difficult. To deal with this problem, people invented hypochlorite generator, which can produce sodium hypochlorite solution through electrolysis of salt water. The electrolyser cell is the most important part of the whole equipment.

Our electrolyser has efficient electrolytic power and convenient active function pickling. The acid tank is equipped with the acid feed pipe and acid outlet pipe. Besides, it has ejector and the imported separation of the ejector join into the acid tube and water feed line, the exports of the ejector link with the acid outlet. The acid outlet pipe is connected with the pickling pump. The acid inlet pipe is connected to the concentrated acid, and the water inlet pipe is connected to the water source. The ejector can adjust the ratio between the acid inlet pipe and the water inlet pipe. The acid is sprayed into the acid tank. And then opening the acid pickling pump, acid in the acid tank will be extracted and transported to the electrolytic cell of sodium hypochlorite to wash the hell. The utility model can actively mix the acid solution with the required concentration, and actively transport the acid solution to the electrolytic cell of sodium hypochlorite. With a high degree of initiative, it greatly improving the working efficient and reducing the labor intensity of workers, and can supply a lot of acid solution.

The effect of sodium hypochlorite generator electrolyser cell is mainly to electrolysis salt water to produce sodium hypochlorite for tap water disinfection. As a kind of efficient disinfection agents, sodium hypochlorite is not only efficient but safe. Because it will not occur by-products in the process of water sterilization. It can maintain the original quality of water well, so it‘s often used for drinking water disinfection and has become one of the disinfectants.
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