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Introduction of Seawater Electrochlorination

Sodium hypochlorite generator is a device that produces sodium hypochlorite solution by electrolysing dilute brine. It is composed of electrolytic electrode assembly, rectifier power supply, automatic control system and so on. The purified sodium hypochlorite solution is a strong oxidant with strong sterilization and bleaching effect. It is a widely used disinfectant at present.

I. Product Characteristics:

1. Sodium hypochlorite generator is a combined form. Salt dissolution, dilute salt water allocation, dosing, metering and sodium hypochlorite circulation occur in a tank. It has the advantages of less investment, less land occupation and flexible setting.

2. It has the characteristics of high utilization of salt, high current efficiency in electrolysis process, high yield of sodium hypochlorite and low energy consumption and low operation cost.

3. On-site production and addition saves transportation burden.

4. Multilayer security settings reduce threats to public security.

5. Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant has good quality and few disinfection by-products.

6. It has standardized design, and the concentration of disinfectant produced remains unchanged.

7. It operates simply and has high cost-effectiveness.

II. Product Advantages

Sodium hypochlorite generator is mainly used to produce sodium hypochlorite solution, which can be used for industrial wastewater oxidation treatment. It can effectively decompose cyanide-containing wastewater, high-nitrogen ammonia wastewater, various high-color wastewater, printing, dyeing and tanning wastewater, electroplating wastewater and other harmful substances which are difficult to be treated by biological oxidation. Under the action of catalysts, the stable structure of almost all organic molecules can be destroyed rapidly, which can be transformed into completely harmless inorganic or easily biochemical organic substances. It can also be used as a broad-spectrum disinfectant in other disinfection industries to eliminate various microorganisms efficiently and quickly.

The core part of sodium hypochlorite generator is electrolysis device (sodium hypochlorite oxide coated titanium anode), which consists of titanium substrate coated with noble metal mixed oxide as anode, and corrosion-resistant special metal material as cathode to form a closed cell container. The advantages of this mixed oxide coated titanium anode are that it can greatly improve the efficiency of chlorine production, has excellent stability, strong bonding between the coating and the matrix, and has a long service life.

III. Raw materials for sodium hypochlorite generator

1. Raw materials: salt or seawater
2. Raw material requirements: saline concentration: 2%-5%

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