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What Are The Advantages of ClO2 Generator System in Drinking Water Application

The function of ClO2 generator system is similar to that of water purifier. They are all used to purify sewage. And the disinfection and purification effect of ClO2 generator system is better, with the operation being simple and convenient. Then what advantages does chlorine dioxide generator system have in drinking water treatment?

1. Chlorine dioxide has broad-spectrum and high-efficiency disinfection effect, and has the function of continuous disinfection and sterilization. Ozone and ultraviolet radiation have no continuous disinfection and bactericidal effect.

2. Chlorine dioxide does not react with organic substances in water to produce chlorinated products, which can control the formation of trihalomethane (THM) and reduce the formation of total organic halogen.

3. It has the effect of decolorization, coagulation enhancement, iron and manganese removal, phenol removal and flavor removal to improve water quality.

4. The technology of chlorine dioxide generator system is mature, especially the technology of compound chlorine dioxide generator system is constantly improving, and the scale is large. At present, the technology of large-scale ozone and ultraviolet generation is not perfect.

5. The production and use of chlorine dioxide is safe and convenient to use. Chlorine is a class II (highly hazardous) substance. Newly built, expanded and rebuilt chlorine production and use units must declare to public security, labor and environmental protection departments in accordance with the authority of the state. Construction is not allowed without approval. Operators who have direct contact with chlorine production, use, storage and transportation must undergo professional training, pass examinations and obtain certificates for special operations before they can go on duty. Emergency repair equipment should be equipped for chlorine production, use, storage and transportation.

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