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Swimming Pool Salt Chlorine Generator Disinfection System

The functions that swimming pool chlorination systems are supposed to have:

During the operation of the swimming pool chlorination systems, a large amount of hydrogen is generated on the plate. Therefore, it is required to follow the direction and position required in the instruction manual when installing the equipment so as to discharge hydrogen. For large swimming pool chlorination systems, a hydrogen probe is also required to measure the amount of gas in the chlorination system so that it does not exceed a safe value. The minimum salinity is 2500ppm. Minimum salinity alarm device. Safe operating voltage, no more than 24 volts. Hydrogen escape from water flow should be reliable, with safety control design and reasonable pipeline design. When backwashing, the water pump is in operation, and the power supply system of the interlock between the water pump and the brine chlorine is still in the working state of power supply, so there should be a control device to stop the electrolysis work when backwashing. Plate automatic cleaning function, but also plate anti - fouling automatic reversal of polarity function. Plate corrosion aging display, ensure timely replacement of plate, ensure normal chlorine production. Chlorine production can be adjusted to meet different seasons, different swimming loads and different pollution conditions. Pool and spa different function selection system, to meet the different functional requirements. The flow probe is online to ensure adequate flow. Broken point chlorine (superchlorination) control function. Outdoor swimming pools should be equipped with cyanuric acid as a stabilizer, regular quantitative release of stabilizer.

Automatic control system for salt content and chlorine production.

It is a new requirement for traditional salt chlorine generator to monitor its salt content and chlorine production automatically.
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