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For Hypochlorite Generator Manufacturer: How to Make Competitive Advantages

The main advantages of using hypochlorite generator for disinfection are as follows: easy procurement of raw materials, safety in use and simple operation.

Today, our country has became more and more strict for the transportation and management of dangerous chemicals, so that the hypochlorite generator which uses salt as raw materials has been widely recognized. The reason is that the owners do not need to file with the local before buying the raw materials or worry about the quality of raw materials.

Sodium hypochlorite, which originates from a wide range of cheap industrial salt or salt water dilute solution through the diaphragm without electrolysis is a strong oxidant and disinfectant. It has the same oxidation and disinfecting properties as chlorine and its compounds. Besides, to ensure the quality of sodium hypochlorite and the disinfection effect, this device can produce and add the sodium hypochlorite into use at the same time.

The device is mainly used for the treatment of hospital sewage containing bacteria and electroplating waste water containing cyanide. It can also used for the disinfection of swimming pool, sewage, environment of food processing plants and medical equipment, as well as the disinfection of tableware and drinking utensils in restaurants and public canteens.

With the development of economy, this kind of hypochlorite generator will play an important role in environmental engineering and water treatment and disinfection technology.

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