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Parallel Plates Electrolyzer (PPE)

Electro Chlorination Tubular parallel plate electrolyzer also known as PPE type electrolyzer, which has been proven the best efficiency in certain industries application.
The Tubular Parallel Plate Electrolyzer can be applied in both brine and seawater electro chlorination systems. It is a very effective Disinfection and Biofouling methods for both off-shore and land-based facilities.

The Advantages for Applying Parallel Plate Electrolyzer as Following:

1. Very low operation cost – Milestone Chlorination Technologies designed and developed StoneChlor - B Brine electrolyzer only consume 3.8 Kg Salt to generate 1 Kg Available Chlorine.
2. Multi choices on electrolyzer casing - PVC, Acrylic and FRP.
3. Small footprint - Compare to CTE and Mesh type electrolyzer Tubular Parallel Plate Electrolyzer requires less layout footprint to operate.
4. And also the electrolyzer can be put either vertical or horizontal.
5. Good options for power plant and water disinfection application.
6. Require regular acid washing to get rid of the deposit on the surface of the electrodes.
PPE Electrolyzer could be applied in very widely range Electrochlorination system in different types of application.

Technical Design Parameter

Electrolyzer Type

Bipolar Parallel Plate Type

Electrolyzer Casing Material

PVC, Acrylic, FRP lined with PVC

Parts & Fittings Material

EPDM, PVC & Titanium

Anodes Material

Titanium ASTM SB-265 Gr 1 or 2

Anodes Coating

MMO, Ru & Ir or Pt. (According to seawater inlet temperature & chloride ion contents)

Cathodes Material

Titanium ASTM SB-265 Gr 1 or 2

Cathodes Coating


Output Concentration

1000 to 2000 ppm (Seawater)

8000 ppm +/- 5%

Electrolyzer Design Temperature

55 Degree Celsius

Electrolyzer Design Pressure

1.5 to 7 Bar

Typical Application of Brine (Salt) Electrochlorination:

Parallel Plate Electrodes (PPE) Electrolyzer

Typical Application of Seawater Electrochlorination:

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