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Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Measures of Hatchery Sodium Hypochlorite

The hatchery sodium hypochlorite is a common water treatment sterilization equipment on the market, like other equipments, in the daily use of the process should also do a good job in the maintenance of hatchery sodium hypochlorite and maintenance measures to ensure the normal work of the equipment, extend the service life of hatchery sodium hypochlorite. The common maintenance and maintenance measures are as follows: 

1. In the electrolytic reaction process of the equipment, the effective chlorine content should be kept within 1%, because if the chlorine content is too high, it will not only affect the reaction result of the treatment, but also affect the service life of the electrode. 

2. In daily use, due to the high content of calcium and iron ions in water in some areas, impurities such as CACO3 and Fe(OH)3 will appear in the electrolysis process. These impurities may cause a short circuit between the anode and the cathode in water and even break down the electrode. Therefore, users should clean the equipment regularly according to their local water quality conditions, so as to keep the equipment clean and avoid the accumulation of impurities.

3. During the process of cleaning titanium anode used in hatchery sodium hypochlorite, be sure to handle and put it gently. When cleaning, use a brush to gently sweep away the dirt on the surface to avoid scraping with sharp tools and damaging the surface coating of titanium anode. 

4. During the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to frequently observe whether the point-solution current and voltage of the equipment are within the specified range. Timely test the circulation of salt and acid solution and cooling water to prevent blockage. 

5. The equipment shall be shut down for inspection after 20 hours of operation. Close the brine valve of the equipment, empty the chlorine gas in the electrolyzer, and open the washing valve for washing. After rinsing, close the rinsing valve and empty it, open the saltwater cutting, and make preparations for starting the equipment. 

6. The hatchery sodium hypochlorite shall be installed in a well-ventilated and well-lit room during the installation process, and the surrounding area shall be kept clean and free from debris. Hydrogen exhaust pipe should be placed in the outdoor, and avoid the appearance of open fire or other fire sources around, indoor fireworks are strictly prohibited.
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