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Salt Electrochlorination

Salt Electrochlorination is electrolysis technology by using Salt (Sodium Chloride) as raw material to generate Sodium Hypochlorite on site for drinking water, waste water and industry water disinfection, oxidation purpose. The salt electro chlorination system can be applied widely such as water treatment plant, waste water treatment plant, other purpose which purchasing sodium hypochlorite is not available and achieving low operating cost, on site generation is one of the best choice.

Milestone Chlorination Technologies LLC designed salt electro chlorination system is using our patents brine electrolyzer, it consumes less salt and required less power to generate sodium hypochlorite to achieve higher efficiency while electrolyzing, which means its operating cost is lower than others to achieve saving cost for client to apply.

Based on Milestone Chlorination Technologies LLC engineering experiences, we are able to support drinking water treatment plants and companies to provide total solutions on how to sizing the electro chlorination system for new built water treatment plants or replacing old chlorination system such as chlorine gas system, chlorine dioxide system or sodium hypochlorite injection system.

Besides large capacity brine electro chlorination system, the salt chlorinator is designed for swimming pool application to achieve easy install and maintenance.

Find the available types of salt chlorine generator below.

Micro Salt Chlorinator
SwimJoy series Salt chlorination system is an alternative solution of swimming pool sterilization to replace the traditional salt chlorinator or tablets by only use sodium chloride (NaCl) and fresh water as raw material by electrolysis process to generate sodium hypochlorite for disinfection purpose.
Milestone Chlorination Technologies LLC Micro salt chlorinator does not require to achieve certain salt level to start system, the package will generate salt solution by itself to avoid salty and sticky in swimming pool in order to protect swimmers’ skin.
StoneChlor-B Electrochlorination System
StoneChlor – B series electro chlorination system is designed for drinking water supply plants, which also could be applied for other industries which seawater is not available to access. Small capacity StoneChlor – B series electrochlorination package is designed in one skid, large capacity is going to be supplied in multi skids with piping connection point, which release lots of work to be done on site.